Computer Support Services

Christopher’s computer support services are good for business or home. He can help with all of your general computing issues. And if He can’t fix it, He won’t charge you. So give Christopher a call before you call the expensive guys.


  • Email Setup.
    • New Email
    • Additional Email
    • Email Client Migration
    • Email Consolidation
    • Account Import
  • Email Troubleshooting.
    • Bounced Email Messages
    • SPAM Blocking
    • Not Receiving Email
    • Can Not Send Email
  • Technical Support Translation. Having trouble understanding the technical lingo from your support person? We can help.
    • Hosting Providers
    • Internet Access Support
    • Software Support Centers


  • Install and Configure. If you don’t have time to install that needed piece of software, give us a call. we’ll schedule a time to be your in-house tech support.
  • Troubleshooting. Regardless of what software it is, if it isn’t working we can help troubleshoot it. If we can’t identify what’s causing the problem, we don’t charge you.
  • Technical Support Liason. Same as the other… 😉

General Computer Support

  • Network Connections. Computer not online? Kinda hard to do business or video chat with your friends. Give us a call and we’ll have you connected in no time.
  • Peripheral Installs. If you’re too busy to install and configure that new printer, sound mixer, or other usb device, we can come to your location and do it for you.
  • Peripheral Troubleshooting. Sometimes things just stop working and you don’t have the time to figure out why. We have the time and know-how to get your digital life back up and running.

We also offer WordPress & Website Development services and Graphic, Audio, & Video services.