Print, Graphic, & Media Services

Christopher Austin offers a full range of graphic design services for print or digital materials. He also offers simple and cost-effective audio and video production services.

If you are looking for graphic, marketing, print, or A/V services not listed here, please give Christopher a call. He’ll be happy discuss your vision and how you can fulfil it.

Print & Graphic Design

  • Logos
    • Custom Logo Design
    • Logo Recreation
    • Logo Modifications
    • Resizing & Re-coloring
  • Print Marketing
    • Business Cards
    • Brochures
    • Postcards
    • Labels & Stickers
    • Rack Cards
  • Banners & Signs
    • Yard Signs
    • Hanging Banners
    • Standing Banners
    • Flags
    • Posters
  • Print & Web Advertising
    • Print & Online Ads
    • Sales
    • New Products
    • Special Offers
    • Coupons
  • Business Materials
    • Menus
    • Order Forms
    • Internal Forms
    • Estimate Slips
    • Invoices

Audio / Video / Photo

  • Product Photography
    • Product Web Photos
    • Consistent Branding
    • DIY Cell Phone Photos
    • Watermarks
    • Tutorials
  • Web Videos
    • New Products
    • Service Descriptions
    • Informational Videos
    • Product High Lights
    • Real Estate Videos
  • Video Logging
    • Video Production
    • DIY Vlog Systems
    • Topic Development
    • Copy Development
  • PodCast Production
    • Recordings and Edits
    • DIY Podcast Systems
    • Topic Development
    • Copy Writing Review
  • Custom Web Music
    • Background Music
    • Podcast Commercials
    • Video Music
    • Jingles
  • Performance Videos
    • Music Concerts
    • Plays
    • Dance Performances
    • Symposia
    • Meetings

Audio/Video/Photo Project Ideas

Easy Podcast Idea: Record yourself reading your weekly or monthly blog posts. Then post those recordings as a podcast.

Simple Product Videos: Write down usage instructions for your products. Then create short and simple videos demonstrating them. You can illustrate things like usage, storage, cleaning, repair, etc.

Quality Product Photos: Set up a small photograph lightbox station. Then periodically take professional looking photos of your products. Your own high quality, custom product photos will set you apart in the following ways:

  • you will have unique photos
  • your logo watermark will reinforce your brand
  • consistent photo environments show your customers you pay attention to details.

Christopher can show you how to do it on a budget. View example product photos here. Or, view the whole set at

Product Info Rack Cards: Rack cards are an affordable, high impact print material. They can be used educate customers, provide lists of products, give contact information, and more.