Technology Services Pricing

Discounts Are Built In

Christopher’s $50 hourly rate for technology services is significantly lower than the national median hourly rate. Additionally, his rate drops by 20% for every hour over 10 hours, and he offers up to 25% discounts for regular weekly and monthly clients.

  • $50/hour for 1 – 10 hours
  • $40/hour for every hour over 10

We Value Repeat Customers!

Repeat CustomersChristopher understands that regular, consistent attention to web, marketing, and technology is crucial to the success of a small business.  For those reasons, he offers his highest discount rates to customers who want blocks of service hours on a repeated weekly or monthly basis.

  • $40/hour for 1 – 8 hours monthly*
  • $35/hour for 1 – 3 hours weekly*

6 Technology Tasks
You Should Perform Regularly

  1. 1. Blog Writing. Regular Blog WritingBlogs remain one of the best ways to attract search engines and potential customers. Blogging establishes your presence and authority in your industry, but consistent blogging takes a lot of time. With Christopher Austin on the team, he will write, edit, and publish weekly or monthly blog posts for you.
  2. 2. Newsletters. Write Regular NewslettersLike blogging, newsletters communicate directly to the public. Newsletters build lasting relationships with returning customers. Christopher will help develop the look, copy, and process that keeps your most valuable customers informed.
  3. 3. WordPress Maintenance. Regular WordPress MaintenanceMaintenance on your WordPress website should be performed at least monthly, including backups, plugin updates, security sweeps, images optimization, and script testing.
  4. 4. Website Content Updates. Regular Content UpdatesUpdating content on a regular basis attracts search engines and engages customers. Updates can include new store products, evolving services, images, or editing old copy. Christopher will evaluate your web presence, make suggestions, and implement the changes you choose.
  5. 5. Print Advertising Campaigns. Regular Print AdvertisingPrint marketing can be very effective, especially when implemented regularly. Christopher will create a consistent visual and written message for your ad campaigns to make your fliers, postcards, coupon books, and money mailer ads reinforce the same message repeatedly.
  6. 6. Updates & Maintenance. Regular Computer MaintenanceMaintaining computers and devices in your office will help avoid bigger issues down the road. Ask Christopher what he can do to help you prevent future technology headaches.

Be sure to check out our portfolio for ideas on how we can help your business.

Outside Vendors

Christopher calls upon his network of technology services vendors and freelancers to expedite projects, add valuable expertise, or resolve complex issues. Because these vendors have varying skills and price ranges, Christopher will always notify you if outside freelancers will modify your initial estimate.

*Some restrictions may apply. These services require weekly or monthly payment in advance.