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Small Business DIY SupportIf you are a small business owner, chances are you’re trying to run as much of your business as you can without hiring outside vendors. Tech, graphics, marketing, and web tasks can be difficult. Christopher’s DIY blog is designed to help.

He is always looking for new blog topics but wants to write about things that real small business owners need. He also loves learning how to do new things and one of Christopher’s strongest skills is research. So use the form below and present your question or topic. If it’s in his wheel house or something he can research (and has the time and inclination), he’ll publish a blog post about your topic and attempt to provide some answers for you. Please feel free to ask questions about any topics regarding:

  • wordpress
  • websites
  • blog or copy writing
  • tech support
  • domain names
  • practical linux usage
  • Internet technologies
  • graphic design
  • smb marketing
  • audio
  • video
  • computer troubleshooting
  • email issues
  • software questions

…or any other tech question that comes to mind.

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