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Christopher Austin & Co. is a full service web development group offering everything from design and photography services to WordPress development and maintenance to copy development for websites, newsletters, blogs, and more.

Give Christopher Austin & Co. a call and see what they can do for you.

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Mobile Website Design
Mobile Website Design

Website Design Services

Effective, Elegant, Responsive.

We deliver effective, beautiful, and scallable web designs for your business, personal, or non-profit website. We start by developing relevant concepts, color pallets, and content direction. From there we build a design and layout that incorporates optimized graphics, typographical hierarchy, clear navigation, open content spacing, device scalability, distinct calls to action, and more.

This attention to detail gives your website that extra edge in an increasingly competitive digital space.

Design At Any Size

No matter how big or small your website design project is, we can accommodate you. From landing pages to track marketing efforts to enterprise websites with ecommerce, blogs, newsletters, and multiple page layouts, Christopher Austin and Company will work with you to design and implement your vision.

Design Level Options

  • Complete Custom Design
  • Recreate Existing Design
  • Renovate Existing Design
  • Modify & Customize Templates
  • Layout Renovation

Website Types

  • Custom Website Design: multiple page layouts.
  • Custom Brochure Website Design: single layout.
  • Landing Pages: Custom, templates, or recreation.
  • Ecommerce Design

Services often combined with website design include WordPress Integration & Maintenance, Ecommerce, Copy Development, Custom Photography, Basic SEO, Newsletter Development, Advertising Graphics, Slider Development, Logo Design, and Internet Consultations.

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Website Design

Complete & Effective Web Design Services

Website Design

  • Custom Design
  • Website Modification
  • Theme Integration
  • Custom Pages
  • Landing Pages

Website Migration

  • Performance Boost
  • Resource Increase
  • Better Tech Support
  • Up-To-Date Server Software

General Website Development

  • Consultation
  • Functionality
  • Software Selection
  • Layout Concerns
  • Hosting Solutions

Website/Domain Management

  • Domain Names
  • Registrar Changes
  • Content Updates
  • Website Backups
  • File System Maintenance

Website Troubleshooting

  • Website Speed
  • Layout Issues
  • Broken Images
  • DNS Issues
  • Missing Data

Website to WordPress

  • Website Converted to WordPress
  • Image Migration
  • Page Recreation
  • 301 SEO Redirects
  • Upgraded Technology

WordPress Services

WordPress Development

  • Custom Design
  • Template Mods
  • Plugin Selection
  • Security
  • Consultations

Performance Troubleshooting

  • Server Speed
  • Response Time
  • Image Size Audit
  • Broken Pages
  • Broken Links

WordPress Management

  • WordPress & Plugin Updates
  • New Plugin Testing
  • Passwords Changes
  • Form Testing
  • 404 Resolutions

WordPress Security

  • Security Plugins
  • Updates
  • Secure Forms
  • Regular Backups
  • Website Monitors

Install & Configure

  • WordPress Installation
  • Site Settings
  • Plugin Installation
  • Basic Security
  • Migration

Content Development

Copy Writing

  • New Page Copy
  • Topic Development
  • Copy Review
  • Proofreading
  • Basic SEO Review

Blog & Article Writing

  • Content Writing
  • Platform Selection
  • Topic Selection
  • Copy Development
  • Basic SEO Review

Newsletter Development

  • Design
  • Layout
  • Topic Selection
  • List Development
  • List Management


  • General Internet Consultation. Christopher can help you understand the possibilities for almost any project.
  • Website Solutions Consultation. There’s a lot to consider with any decision regarding your website. Let Christopher leverage his years of diverse experience to give you a wide angle view of how different technologies might effect one another.
  • SEO Consultation. Before signing on the dotted line, give Christopher a call. A low cost consultation with could save you thousands of dollars. He can help you more fully understand SEO practices and their implications.
  • Second Opinions. Christopher can provide expert second opinions on any internet technology decisions you have to make. He can help you comb through the geek speak to determine whether your vendors are selling you a bill of goods or quality services.

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